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About Us

The Modesty Company was founded by Danielle Armstrong in 2014 with the introduction of The Classic Wrap. Frustrated with stepping out of the shower and her towel constantly falling to her ankles as opposed to remaining neatly wrapped around her body, she realised that this was not just her problem but a problem for so many women. Simple tasks like drying ones hair, applying make-up, changing at the gym, beach or swimming pool, tending to the children, or simply relaxing after a long day are far more difficult than they need to be.

Realising there was a noticeable lack of good quality, graceful designs available, Danielle wanted to design something that could be functional, comfortable and stylish for all women. Never wanting to sacrifice on quality, she travelled to Turkey in search of the perfect towel fabrics. The history of textiles in Denizli Turkey dates back 7000 years. Danielle worked hand in hand with her manufactures enabling her to create and design her own signature TMC fabric and towel wrap that could provide all women with modesty when they needed it most.

Today The Modesty Company has developed into a lifestyle brand providing a range of high quality, affordable, luxury products for women who do not want to sacrifice on design or attention to detail and that refreshingly allows each piece to do the job it is designed to do.