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The Towel Wrap

The Classic wrap was created with timeless elegance in mind. The clever Velcro strap closure is designed to discreetly and securely hold the towel wrap to your body, allowing you to continue getting ready without the annoyance of your towel always falling down.

Designed with meticulous detail using the highest quality 100% cotton toweling fabric. Providing the very best super luxury soft velour exterior, matched with a double loop terry towel on the inside, creating the perfect combination of softness and absorbency.

The Classic Wrap will provide you with a sense of empowerment, for those of us who simply favour a little more modesty whatever your shape or size, even when just stepping out of the shower or bath.

The Modesty Company have launched The Classic Wrap in 3 sizes (XS, S-M, L-XL) and 4 colour options; The All Classic White for simplicity, Navy for a touch of English classic style, Lilac for the girlie girl within us and White Satin, perfect for the bride to be.

The Classic Wrap also comes with our signature wrap bag. This is an ideal little travel bag which has a waterproof inside lining that allows you to take your wrap everywhere or keep your valuables safe when using the wrap.

Designed to make every woman feel great the Classic wrap is a wonderful asset for all woman young or old, large or small.

“I use my wrap every day. I love it. What’s not to love! I feel life is so complicated, the classic wrap is just a lovely item we could all do with and I feel that’s what makes it great.”

Danielle Armstrong